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  • What is Push Hands?

    What is Push Hands?

    Tui shou, also known as “push hands,” is a fundamental training exercise in the practice of Taijiquan (Tai Chi). It is a two-person exercise that involves pushing and yielding to an opponent’s energy, while maintaining balance and control. Tui shou is an excellent way to develop sensitivity, coordination, and balance, as well as an understanding…

  • What is Taijiquan?

    What is Taijiquan?

    Taijiquan (Tie-Gee-Chu-wan), also known as Tai Chi (Tie-Chee), is a traditional Chinese martial art that has become increasingly popular in the Western world. With its gentle, flowing movements, Taijiquan is a low-impact exercise that can be intensified as the student progresses to continuously challenge their body and mind and is therefore suitable for people of…