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  • What is Qigong?

    What is Qigong?

    Qigong (chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese practice that has gained popularity in recent years due to its many health benefits. Qigong, which translates to “life energy cultivation,” is a practice that involves gentle movements, breathing techniques, and meditation to promote physical, mental, and spiritual health. One of the main benefits of qigong is stress reduction.…

  • What is Taijiquan?

    What is Taijiquan?

    Taijiquan (Tie-Gee-Chu-wan), also known as Tai Chi (Tie-Chee), is a traditional Chinese martial art that has become increasingly popular in the Western world. With its gentle, flowing movements, Taijiquan is a low-impact exercise that can be intensified as the student progresses to continuously challenge their body and mind and is therefore suitable for people of…